Cancer Support Programmes

When a person receives a diagnosis of cancer they are thrust on to a rapid road of tests, surgery and extensive pharmaceutical and radiation therapy. However more and more people are pausing to consider alternative pathways or simply how they can support themselves while undergoing conventional treatment. Over many years I have worked with people in every combination of conventional and alternative cancer therapies from people doing all chemo and radio therapy and wanting support to negate the side effects, to people looking for support with a completely natural approach or post conventional treatment for those who wish to take back control of their life from the emotional and physical battering it has had.

Alongside extensive research, this experience has led me to devise a series of cancer support programmes that can be tailored to the individual diagnosis, lifestyle and philosophy of the client either alongside or independent of other treatment.

I endeavour to both inform and support a person through a programme that is achievable and sustainable, using natural therapies that enhances the body’s ability to return to health, rather than diminish the ability of the individual to fight this disease.

My aim is to support people through a process of cleansing, system support and creating an internal environment that is conducive to good health and not to cancer cells, and guide them through the avalanche of information and suggestions that they will inevitably be bombarded with while always being aware that it is their body and choices.
This is achieved through diet, protocols, herbs and homeopathy. All have a track record of effectiveness whether over the last ten or hundreds of years, but every suggestion will be backed with a rationale for its inclusion, never for the sake of doing it.

Many people with a cancer diagnosis will understandably jump at every treatment they come across, but an understanding of what they are trying to achieve will bring into focus what is appropriate for them. That is essentially what I hope to achieve.

Due to the level of support and treatment that is required for cancer patients, I have put together a number of packages that are listed below.

Cancer Support Programme

I offer a full cancer support programme including nutrition, lifestyle, herbal and homeopathic remedies, advice on the myriad of info and therapies available, referral to emotional support practitioners and helping to put together an individual treatment support plan that is both thorough and realistic.

The initial consultation is split into two, the first, an hour, covering full medical history, analysis of any tests, a urine sample for markers, alkalinity etc, parasite and pathogen load, nutritional analysis, and iridology. This gives me a full picture of past and present health and lifestyle. This is followed a few days later by a second consultation that will be approximately 2 hours and will go through a detailed programme of nutrition and protocols tailored to the patient with all the appropriate information in an easy to read and understandable format. A suggested programme of support and follow ups will also be worked out that fits their circumstances.

These initial two consultations including all tests, printed material and initial herbal or homeopathic remedies is £240
Follow ups will be based on £40 per hour and referrals will be charged at the individual practitioners rates
Follow on remedies will be charged at my standard prices usually around £5 per week

Post Cancer Support Programme

Following successful treatment for cancer many are left emotionally and physically drained, with an immune system depleted by treatment and a fear of both why it happened and whether it could reoccur. This programme consists of work with two practitioners. Firstly I will go through the dietary and lifestyle factors that can make you more susceptible to cancer and how you can take control with easily made changes in a long term and sustainable lifestyle.

My colleague Douglas Craddock, will go through the emotional issues ranging from the shock and emotional rollercoaster you have been on, to any deep seated emotional issues that you are holding onto that can be damaging to your long term wellbeing.

The first consultation will be and hour and a half, One hour with myself to go through the history of your condition, any pharmaceutical or supplement regime you may be on and looking at your lifestyle and diet. You will be asked to bring a three day food diary to that session. This will be followed by a 30minute session with Douglas to look at what emotional issues are involved.

This will be followed by a one hour hypnotherapy session with Douglas where he will supply you with a CD tailored to you so that you can continue the work in this session at home. You will have a relaxing session that will help you to resolve the issues that were discussed and move you on from the damaging emotions and subconscious thoughts.
At the final one hour session with myself I will suggest a programme of cleansing and easily achievable dietary changes and some simple home routines that will allow you to take back control of your own health.

The total price for the complete package including all consultations, cd, written programme and any herbal products suggested is £260. This is payable in two halves, at the initial consultation and the balance at my final consultation.

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