What are they?

Fibroids are a benign growth, on or in the uterine wall. They normally appear in groups and can be anything from pea sized to the size of a grapefruit. They can cause disruption to the menstrual cycle and cause bleeding and large ones can cause physical discomfort and difficulty with urination due to pressure on other organs.

What causes them?

There are probably a variety of causes and there is some disagreement as to the importance of certain factors. However, weighing up the evidence, certain people have a tendency towards them due to genetic, ethnic and constitutional factors, and the other factor is an imbalance of oestrogen and progesterone. Fibroids are encouraged to grow by high oestrogen levels and these can come from the environment, contraception etc.

The Natural Approach to Fibroid Reduction

From what has been said you can see that the first thing to do is stop “feeding” the fibroid, and so reduce the amount of oestrogen and oestrogen like substances that you are exposed to. This is done through diet and lifestyle.

Next is to start the reduction of the existing fibroids. This is done with a two pronged attack!

A mixture of herbs will be given that have a track record for the reduction of the fibroids. The exact mix and constituents will be blended for the individual depending on their symptoms and other medical history. These can be taken in liquid or capsule form, but often liquid will be given initially to kick start the process and then capsules will follow for the duration of the reduction, obviously this will depend on the size and the individual patient.

Also the fibroid can be reduced using nutrition. There are some foods that have proven fibroid reducing properties that can easily be incorporated daily. It is also important to adjust the diet to help the fibroid reduction, this is done by favouring the process of autolysis, the body’s natural process of breaking down and reabsorbing its own tissue, starting with non-essential tissue ie the fibroids. This will be by lowering protein, alkalising the diet, and reducing the exposure to oestrogen.

Another important factor is to make sure that the paths of elimination, bowel and urinary are working and that the detoxifying organ, the liver, is up to scratch.

Following a first full consultation where your medical history and present circumstances are gone through, I will suggest an achievable programme tailored to you and give you all the information you need in a printed format. Follow ups will be recommended according to the circumstances to monitor your progress and make any adjustments.

Although the natural approach is not a quick fix, the progress of the condition can be halted with immediate effect and reversed over time.

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