Echinacea, you can tell I live in the hills, 16 sept and the echinacea is just flowering. Probably the most well known immune boost, this American herb is brilliant at warding off colds and infections and I always recommend for those that are getting that feeling of starting with a cold or surrounded at work and home by those going down with it or even heading off on planes and breathing that recycled air with everyone elses colds in it. But the secret ( and the shops hate me for this ) is take a lot for a short time, So I suggest take the maximum dose for 5 days and then stop as it has been shown that its effectiveness drops after 5 days, you can only up the white blood cell count for a short period.

Its traditional use is as a blood cleanser, specifically for snake bites and septic infections. Hopefully no snake bites in the peak district at present!!Echinacea

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