Richard the Herbalist PhotoFirst pick your elderberries! If you are unsure a good wild plant guide will point you in the right direction and if still unsure then enlist a friend or get on a herb walk. (If in any doubt do not pick) A small tree the black berries are hanging in clumps, and I’ve attached a picture below. The easiest way to harvest is to cut the clump of and then get them off the stalks by running a fork through them. You are after a jam jar full and they want to be all black. Put them in your jar and then fill to cover the berries with brandy. Any will do. Leave on a windowsill where it catches a bit of sun for two weeks. You then strain the berries off with a sieve or muslin. The liquid is what you are after and you mix this with an equal amount by volume of runny honey and put in a bottle. Dose is a teaspoon up to six times a day as required.

It is great for soothing tickly coughs and sore throats and will last 12 months although I,ve never known it to!!

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